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Top 10 Technology news of the week

As time goes on, new inventions are being made and new technologies are coming. Big companies and brands are introducing new features and new technology every day so that their users can enjoy them to the fullest. Any brand that does not change over time, its market is falling every day. There are a lot of people in this world who don't change themselves, like these brands, and they don't know every new technology that is coming which they have to suffer later. Let us inform you today about the changes in the new and existing technologies; 1- Google Reveals about Pakistan Google has recently released a report on the attitude of the people of Pakistan towards Google Search Engine. Google says that Pakistanis have become a very genius when it comes to shopping. Google says 55% of the people in Pakistan who have to buy anything, first, google it and watch videos about it on YouTube.  After seeing all the pros and cons, they buy anything.  78 million people in Pakistan use Google f

Top 15 most demanding jobs in these Days or in The days to Come

We've written this article after visiting a lot of jobs advertising apps and websites and doing a lot of research. Many businesses have closed since the Coronavirus disease began, causing many to lose their jobs. And with many new businesses, new jobs have opened up because of this disease. Today we will tell you about 15 jobs that are most in-demand these days and in the days to come. If you don't have a job and you are wondering what job I should do or prepare for, you should prepare yourself for these jobs. 1-E-commerce Manager As you know, since the outbreak of Coronavirus, all businesses have been online and things are being traded online. People are ordering things from home and the trend of online shopping has increased tremendously. That's why they need an E-commerce manager to run this online business is growing day by day. 2-Healthcare Specialist Ever since the coronavirus disease started, everyone has been worried that I might get the coronavirus or

TOP 11 Best Methods to make money online while playing games like PUBG

The number of gamer around the world is increasing day by day. People are going to be very much in this hobby to spend their free time. Today, because of Coronavirus, many people are confined to their homes. So, this is the only game that keeps them busy.  Many people love to play this game, and they have no interest in money, or maybe they do not know that it can make a lot of money. Many people are also earning millions of rupees by playing this game. So, today we are going to tell you some of the methods that you can use to earn millions of rupees while playing games. 1- YouTube channel (live streaming) Do you know who was the richest YouTuber in the world by the beginning of 2020? If you don't know, let me tell you. Her name is Felix Arvid, a Swedish citizen. He used to stream games live on YouTube. Below I have also given a screenshot of his channel;  Nowadays most people are making money by streaming games on YouTube. On YouTube, you get separate payments for ads, coupons and

Top 17 Free E-Learning courses started by Pakistan | Admissions are ongoing

Today, if Pakistan is ranked fourth in the world in the ranking of freelancing, the biggest reason is that the Government of Pakistan has started many courses in the field of freelancing from the begging and trained millions of people. Many young people who have received freelance training are now doing a lot of online work and making money from home.  And that is why many people in Pakistan are earning millions of rupees from Amazon, the world' s largest E-commerce website. Many courses create misunderstanding in the students who find that they are not from our fields and we don't have any benefit of doing them, even though it is not at all. Each student does any of these courses for it is not necessary to have its background. Nowadays, many new courses have been started by the Government of Pakistan. So, that people can take more training at home and earn money online. Here we have tried to explain the major courses and how to apply for th

Hacking | What is Ethical Hacking ? | How to become an Ethical Hacker?

Hacking?  Hacking is a method of gaining unauthorized access to any computer system or digital devices such as a mobile phone or tablets. This is done to gain access to a computer network security system after breaking the code and password of a website or software for any illegal purpose.    There are three types of Hackers; White hate hackers White hat hackers are also called Ethical hackers, and they work legally and find out the solution of problems within any websites or software. Black hat hacker Black hat hackers work illegally and steal data by breaking the security of the Internet, Softwares and computer system.  Grey hat hackers  They are mixtures of black hat hackers and white hat hackers. What is Ethical Hacking? Ethical Hacking or Ethical Hacker are terms used for people or companies that identify the flaws and vulnerabilities within the system or websites of any major company and then find out the solution. Pen testing and information security are also known as Ethical Ha

Top 12 Businesses that are running high in these (Covid-19) days

At this time, the biggest businesses have been destroyed in the entire worlds. The whole world's trade and economies are downs .  Even today many people have money but, they do not invest for fear of losing all their money. People want to start a business but can't decide which business to do these days.  M any businesses are also booming these days, and their owners have become the richest persons in the world .  Today we are talking about twelve businesses that are booming even in the days of Covid-19. These are the 12 businesses; 1-Ecommerce E-commerce is a business in which any customer does not have to come to you nor you have to go to anyone. Many of the richest people in the world today belong to this business like Jeff Bezos and Jack Ma. At this time, the world's richest man is, Jeff Bezos that owned Amazon, the Number one  E-commerce website in the world. Its net worth is over 115 billion dollars at this time. 2-Freelancing Freelance business is growing every day,