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Digital Marketing Funnels explained | Why digital marketing funnel are important for Online Businesses

Digital Marketing Funnels

Digital Marketing funnels is the model that explains how you should structure your strategy and your campaign. There are more approaches to digital marketing funnels. Most used ones are AIDA and EDCCLR. Aida means awareness, interest, desire, and action and EDCCR means exposure, discovery, consideration, conversion, loyalty, action.

Also Digital marketing funnels is a strategy and business model that draws customers to your business with great offers and free resources and then takes them along to buy your products and services.

6 Stages of Digital Marketing Funnels

Digital Marketing Funnels


This is the first stage in which you market your product and services through various means such as paid advertising, commercial ads, affiliate marketing, content writing, email marketing, etc.


This is the second stage in which some people visit your website inspired by the marketing of your product and services and see what you are selling or what you want to sell.


This is the stage at which some customers are satisfied with your product and services and buy them.


This is the stage at which many customers, after visiting your site, consider it important to buy your product instead of the competition in the market.

5- Loyalty/ Customer Relationship

This is a stage in which customers build trust in your products and services and they start buying things from you in future.


This is the last stage in which you digitally connect with your customer and they not only recommend to others about your products and services but they also give good reviews about your products and services.

Why Digital Marketing Funnels are important for Online Business

Digital marketing funnels are very important for selling a brand or company's products and services online and converting ordinary people into loyal customers. Without bringing digital marketing funnels, no brand or company can increase its online business sales. It is through digital marketing funnels that you spread awareness of your products and services by doing paid advertising and find target customers. Then your product and services reach a lot of target people and some of them even buy your products. As time goes by your number of customers increases and customers trust your business more than others and also recommend other customers about your product and service and give good reviews.

Nowadays, all the big brands and companies are succeeding online by adopting digital marketing funnels techniques and increasing their business sales.

Consider these Facts & Statistics

1-More than 90% of people use search engines to find out about businesses in their area and their products & services.

1-97% of people don't buy anything from you after visiting your website
93٪  of people look at reviews before buying anything online.

3-It is estimated that nearly two billion people shop online.

4-More than 70% of people use videos to get reviews of any product or service.

5-80% of traffic goes to the first two to three results shown in the Google search engine۔

6-People between the ages of 21 to 40 are the most likely to shop online. 

7-To increase customer engagement on your social media, it is very important to post outside the business also.

8-Free services and coupons are very important in increasing the sales of any new business.

9- Research shows that only eight to ten percent of people click on paid ads.

10- More than 91% of people use social media on their mobile phones.

Best Digital marketing Funnels Strategies for online Businesses;

1-Social media marketing

The best digital marketing funnels strategies are applied through social media marketing.

2-Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is one of the most important parts of your digital marketing funnels strategy.

3-Paid Search Ads

Paid marketing is the best form of online marketing that you pay for when a customer clicks on your ad.

4-Influencers Marketing

Companies and brands use big influencers to attract people to their business products and services.

5-Email Marketing

Email marketing is still considered as the best tool for online marketing.


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