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50 Tools you should know as a Digital Marketer | Best tools that are used in Digital & Social media Marketing

As you know, in this age of development, more and more advanced software is being invented which is revolutionizing the world of the internet and making the most difficult task easier. All these software inventions not only save us time but also make our many difficult tasks easier. We can take advantage of all these software and tools in the same way when we know about them or when we come to use this modern software and tools. Today we are going to tell you about some of the software and tools that any digital or social media marketer needs to know.

Here is a list of all these software and tools you should know as a Digital or social media marketer;

Keyword research and SEO tools

Here we will talk about all the tools related to Search engine optimization, keyword research or content writing. 

1-Google Keyword Planner

This is a free Google Ads tool that lets you reach your target customer after doing keyword research on Google. Any digital marketer has to put ads on Google for which he has to do maximum keyword research and keyboard planning so that he can find SEO friendly topics.

2-Google Trends

Google trend is Google's only website that tells you for free what people in a particular place or language search the most on Google. With this free tool, you can get keywords that you can use for your personal or business purposes to drive traffic to your site very quickly.


This is a tool that helps a lot of digital marketers to do SEO on their websites. With this tool, digital marketers can shorten their links, manage their ads and analyze them. With this website, you can build powerful links to your website and increase the engagement of your content and improve its user experience.


Ahrefs is a very famous paid tool that helps you in writing content, finding low competition keyword with high traffic, creating high-quality backlinks, doing site audit, web mentions, keywords rankings, finding a relevant site for guest blogging, doing keyword research for any particular Content. Its pricing plan starts at $99.00 per month.


This is a very smart tool that helps you to do keyword research, website SEO, suggestion about new topics, and get new content ideas.


You will know about this tool that is very famous and also very helpful for any digital marketer too. If you are writing content or blog anywhere as a digital marketer or blogger and you want to clear your content of grammar mistakes then this tool is for you.


This is a very famous tool that gives you great help in doing keyword research, competitive research, solution for PPC or search engine optimization.

This free tool helps you a lot in doing keyword research for Google, YouTube or any other social media platform.

9-Google Search Console

If you are writing any blog or article on your website, these blogs may take 6 months to be ranked in Google. But if you submit the same URL in Google search console after writing the same blog, your blog will be ranked very soon.

Analytics tools

Here we will talk about all the software and tools that are related to analytics and which are very important for any digital marketer to know.

10-Google Analytics 

This is a Google website or tool that allows you to analyze your Ads campaign on Google. With this free tool from Google, you can measure your website traffic and track your ads performance.


Quintly is a great tool for digital marketers to track and optimize all their social media marketing performance.


This is a great tool to easily move your social media marketing data to Google Sheets.


Tubebuddy is a famous tool and a Google extension that helps you rank YouTube videos faster. With this tool, you can do SEO of your YouTube videos and analyze all its data.


It is an automated marketing platform where you can scale and measure your social media performance.


With this tool, you can get user-generated content, maximize business sales on social media and find social media influencers.

16-Twitter Analytics

Twitter analytics is a Twitter tool that lets you know the full details of the impressions, engagements, clicks, and retweets of each of your Twitter posts.

17-Instagram Insight

This is an Instagram tool on which you can know the full details of all your activities like ads complain, post-performance, content comparison, followers detail, actions, demographics detail etc.

18-Sprout social

Sprout Social is a great digital and social media marketing tool and software through which you can manage all your social media marketing campaign, publish content on them and test its performance.

19-Facebook Analytics

With this tool, you can understand and measure your business performance and journey on your Facebook page.

20-Hootsuite Analytics

This is a great tool for you to easily manage your social media and track its performance. This tool lets you know what people are saying about your brand and how you can quickly respond to them.


It is also a very popular plugin and tool through which you can do SEO of your YouTube videos and analyze its performance.

Social Media Tools

Here we will tell you about all the tools that are widely used in social media marketing.


This is a very popular social media marketing management tool through which you can post schedules and analyze their performances on all your social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest etc.


Crowdfire is also a very popular social media marketing management tool used by over 19 million people all over the world. With this tool, you can also find content related to your marketing and then schedule it according to the time to come.


This is a popular blogging and social networking site on which you can write small blogs and market your production services.


It is a very popular digital and social media management tool that covers almost all the roles of any digital or social media marketing manager. Here you can schedule each of your social media marketing posts and measure your social media marketing return on investment.

26-Post planner

Post Planner is a cloud-based software that helps you find social engagement solutions for small to large businesses. This is a great tool to help any digital marketing manager find and publish quality content and manage post and business sales.

27-Google My Business

Google my Business is a great feature of Google that allows you to manage your business profile on top of google. With this, you can create a free website and convert customers to your business by giving them the option to call you, the location of your Business and message you for any business inquires.


This is a great tool that is used not only for graphic designing and many of them also use it for social media marketing.


Magisto is a great tool and mobile application on which you can easily create and design videos related to any topic or business and then share them.

Graphic Designing Tools for DM

Here we will learn about all the tools and software that are widely used in designing graphics in Social media marketing or digital marketing.


Canva is a very popular and easy graphic designing tool and software that allows you to do graphics, presentation, poster, video editing, logos, brochures, and any kind of designing work for your social media. This tool has graphic designing templates on which you just have to edit the content and use them for your marketing.


It is also a very simple graphic designing tool that allows you to use animated and graphic templates made for your social aids.

32-Adobe Photoshop

adobe photoshop is a very popular graphic designing software and tool that allows you to design all kinds of graphics.

33-Adobe Illustrator

It is also a popular graphic designing tool on which you can edit and design vector graphics.


Picart is a photo editing designing and sharing platform on which you can edit all kinds of photos and then share it with the Picart community.


This is a great mobile application and tool with built-in video templates that can be edited and used to boost your social media marketing.




PicMonkey is also a graphic designing tool like Canva on which you can pick up beautiful ready-made templates and use them for your social media marketing.

39-Adobe spark post

This is a great mobile application and tool with built-in social media marketing templates that you can use to market your business after editing.

Paid Advertising Tools

Here we will talk about all the modern tools that professional digital marketers use today for their paid advertising.


This tool is mostly used by digital marketing and it is a great tool that simplifies a lot of your paid advertising tasks. This tool can be used for any digital marketer to do keyword research, find market competitors, do website SEO, create website backlinks, audit websites.

41-Facebook ads gallery

This is a Facebook tool that allows you to get data on all the ads running on Facebook and use them to do keyword research for Facebook.


AdEspresso is one of the best tools for paid advertising on which you can easily create advertising campaigns, then manage them, analyze your ad campaigns, and learn about paid or how to do paid advertising.


44-Google Url Builder

This is a great Google Analytics tool that lets you test the performance of your advertising campaign by throwing your website's URL.


Unbounce is a great tool and website that allows you to run drag and drop buttons on your website, create landing pages, get popup and sticky bars function.

46-Google AdSense

This is a great tool from Google for you to palace ads on Google and digital marketers need to know about this tool.


With this tool, you can create attractive ads and then run them with great ease.


Talkwalker is a greater tool and software that help you spread and monitor your social media marketing.

Email marketing tools

Here we will show you many advanced tools used in email marketing that are important for any digital marketer to know.


Mailchimp is the most famous and popular tool to do email marketing. Whenever someone visits your websites, with this tool you will be able to cook it and increase the sales of your products and services by sending them a wright message.


This is a great email marketing tool through which you can not only do email marketing for your business but you can also get the automatic marketing workflow from them and also get landing pages for lead generation.


Sendinblue is a great email marketing tool that has many more features besides email marketing like SMS marketing, chats, customer relationship management, marketing automation, segmentation, retargeting, Facebook ads etc.

52-Constant Contact

It is also a great tool on which you can easily do e-mail marketing, create websites, manage e-commerce business and do social media marketing.


In addition to all these tools, there are many other tools that I may not even know or have passed through. The more tools you know how to use, the better you can become a digital marketer. All of these tools and software save a lot of time for any digital or social media marketer and also allow him to do his best. In addition to all these tools and software, if there are any better tools that you know and use, you must let us know in the comment box below.


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