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Digital Marketing Funnels explained | Why digital marketing funnel are important for Online Businesses

Digital Marketing Funnels Digital Marketing funnels is the model that explains how you should structure your strategy and your campaign. There are more approaches to digital marketing funnels. Most used ones are AIDA and EDCCLR. Aida means awareness, interest, desire, and action and EDCCR means exposure, discovery, consideration, conversion, loyalty, action. Also Digital marketing funnels is a strategy and business model that draws customers to your business with great offers and free resources and then takes them along to buy your products and services. 6 Stages of Digital Marketing Funnels Digital Marketing Funnels 1-Exposure/Awareness This is the first stage in which you market your product and services through various means such as paid advertising, commercial ads, affiliate marketing, content writing, email marketing, etc. 2-Discovery This is the second stage in which some people visit your website inspired by the marketing of your product and services and see what you are selling

40 Best Free online Graphic Designing Tools | 40 Tools you should know as a Graphic Designer

40 free Graphic designing tools Graphic designing is a field within which there are many more types and from each type, you can earn a lot of money through freelancing. There are a lot of graphic design tools on the internet, many of which are paid and many of which are free. Many tools can be used for all kinds of graphic designing but some tools are only used for one or two specific fields. Many people who are involved in the field of graphic design have to work on paid tools due to lack of knowledge and they know very little about online free tools. Even if they know which free tools graphic design can be done very easily, they rarely find a list of these tools on the Internet. Today we will tell you about over 40 free graphic design tools on the internet that you can easily do graphic designing work and earn thousands of dollars. Many tools contain all kinds of graphic design templates that you can easily edit and use. Here is the list of 40 best free online graphic designing tools

50 Tools you should know as a Digital Marketer | Best tools that are used in Digital & Social media Marketing

As you know, in this age of development, more and more advanced software is being invented which is revolutionizing the world of the internet and making the most difficult task easier. All these software inventions not only save us time but also make our many difficult tasks easier. We can take advantage of all these software and tools in the same way when we know about them or when we come to use this modern software and tools. Today we are going to tell you about some of the software and tools that any digital or social media marketer needs to know. Here is a list of all these software and tools you should know as a Digital or social media marketer; Keyword research and SEO tools Here we will talk about all the tools related to Search engine optimization, keyword research or content writing.  1-Google Keyword Planner This is a free Google Ads tool that lets you reach your target customer after doing keyword research on Google. Any digital marketer has to put ads on Google for which h

What is Digital marketing? How to become a digital marketer? | Complete Step by step guide

Digital Marketing v/s Traditional Marketing Digital Marketing Marketing in which products and services are promoted through digital devices such as Ipads, computer, mobile phone or laptop is called digital marketing. There are many types of digital marketing such as social media marketing, search engine marketing, content marketing, email marketing and so on. Traditional Marketing Traditional marketing is marketing that is not done online. Such as marketing through billboards, tv commercials, newspapers, signboards, radio, phone calls, direct mail, print, broadcasting etc. Types of Digital Marketing Many types of digital marketing are growing over time. Here we will talk about 10 types of digital marketing which are as follows; 1-Social Media marketing Social media marketing is marketing that promotes the products and services of brands and companies through social media such as Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and Google etc. 2-Search Engine Optimization Search engine

How to create a website in 2020 | A complete step by step guide | Blogger and WordPress

Why we need a website? We need a website to bring our company or brand to the Internet and reach more people around the world. Because without a website, no company or brand can reach the world with its products and services. A website needs a lot to market anything online so that every visitor to it can be turned into a customer. More than 78% of companies worldwide are shining their business through social media marketing and websites. What we must need to have to create a website? You desperately need a domain and web hosting to create any kind of website. So that more people can access your website and find it through the IP addresses. What is Domain?  The IP address that people search on Google to reach and find your website is your domain. Here is the list of Top-level Domain ; .com - commercial domain. .org - organizational domain. .net - network domain. .edu - educational domain. .gov - governmental domain. .mil - Military domain.  .in - Internet domain. .pk, .uk, .in, .us or a