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Top 5 Fake Gurus on the internet in 2020 | Rising of fake Guru's

 Unimaginable things are happening on the internet these days. And the greatest number of these are the wrong deeds by which people want to get rich in days and make more money. Most of the victims are those who do not have much information about digital psychology or fraud on the internet.
Well, there are a lot of scams going on on the internet, and innocent people are being robbed and made into boob in different ways, but today we are telling you about some of the fake internet guru's who use digital marketing and stupidly selling their services through digital psychology and becoming famous.

1-Tai Lopez

I have been watching Tai Lopez for five years and try to Know how he sells its services to people through social media marketing and using digital technology and shows itself as the richest man in the world in these ads and says if, you want to be rich then buy this online course of mine and you will have a similar fun life. He is one such an entrepreneur, film producer and financial advisor who has fooled the world with the use of digital psychology and paid advertising on social media and made a lot of money by selling his courses and services.

2-Dan Lok

Dan Lok is one of the most famous and notorious fake guru's on the internet. It captivated most people on YouTube with emotional intelligence. He is a rich man, but he also wants to prove himself as an internet guru. He always invites people on social media and YouTube videos to participates in its webinar and various programs through which he earns money later.

3-Kavin David 

Kevin David specifically targets people through digital marketing and psychology who wants to make money on the internet and get rich quickly. And through that targeted marketing, he has made thousands of dollars from the Amazon Ninja FBA program. He has a channel on YouTube where he shows people different ways to make money on the internet and how to get rich in a matter of days.


If you are interested in making money online and google about it, then whenever you open youtube, its ad will appear in front of you first. In this ad, Wesley comes out of one of the most expensive cars and tells you that if you want to be rich like me then buy my online course or do it. This is also a fake guru on the internet, which has become very popular.

5-John Crestani 

John has a channel on YouTube where he keeps uploading content about digital marketing, social media marketing and advertising. It keeps raining dollars on in every one of its videos, and telling people to look at how I got rich I have many dollars and you can get rich too if you buy my online course. People have also uploaded a lot of content on YouTube and Google about how it encourages people to show up and buy courses.

Bonus point;

Azad Chaiwala

Azad chaiwala is a Pakistani YouTuber who has also introduced online courses on the internet and also teaches about earning money online in his academy. In all the videos he has made on YouTube, he calls himself the richest man and tells people how you can become very rich. I have known him for a long time, and I also know that he has been lying in many videos.


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