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Top 10 Best Free Online educational websites with Certificate | Top-ranked Universities free online courses in 2020

Many people all over the world do not have enough money to buy the most expensive courses from Top-ranked universities and start earning money by learning skills. So they look for many resources that will allow them to study for free and even get a certificate. And they get a lot of resources from which they can study for free and start earning money by learning some skills. Today I will tell you about ten free online academies or websites where you can study for free and also get a certificate.

Here are the top 10 free online academies and websites;

1-Google: Digital Garage, Ads certification, Analytics academy

Many people dream of taking a course directly from Google and been certified by Google. Google has introduced several free and paid online courses, many of which are completely free and many of which have fees.

Google has three to four academies or websites where you can take online courses. The first one is Google Digital Garage, the second one is Google Ads Certification, and the third one is a Google Analytics Academy.

Google Digital Garage offers a wide range of online courses in three categories;
1-Google For developers

This category includes all the online courses that are of great importance for people involved in software engineering, information technology and computer science.

2-Digital Marketing

This course is very important for those who are working on social media marketing, Internet marketing and search engine optimization on the internet.

3-Career development

This category includes all courses related to personal education.

Also, Google Ads certification and Analytics Academy offer courses in Information technology and Internet Marketing.

2-FutureLearn Academy

Futurelearn academy is an online academy and educational website where you can find online courses from all over the world. This website offers not only short courses but also many major online courses and degrees. Many courses are paid in this academy, but now with the help of the British Council, many courses are free which you can easily do.

3-Hubspot Academy

It is also a famous free online academy and a website where you can find all the courses from around the world. Here, you are taught online by prominent and leading teachers from all over the world. On this website, you will find courses related to each subject and related to each skill. Even If you run a company or have an educational institution, you can still contact them and provide online training to your staff or students.

4- Alison Academy 

Alison website and academy are also very popular and big academy on the internet where millions of people take online courses and learn a skill. On this website, you can find all kinds of courses, most of which are paid courses but you can also do them for free. You can do many courses for free on this website, but if you want to get a certificate then, you are given some task which is very important to complete then you can also get a digital certificate for free.

5- Udemy 

The Udemy is an online website where experts from all over the world create and upload their field and skills courses and, students buy courses from here.
Here you will find courses for every subject and if you have anything to learn you will find courses here. There are also many courses on this website that you can do for free and, you can also get discounts on many paid courses through promotions and coupon codes.

6- Coursera

Coursera is a most popular online educational academy where you can take courses from the world's major universities for free at home. All you have to do is pay a small fee once and then, you can take as many online courses as you want from the top-ranked universities of your choice.

These are the major fields, whose courses are offered here;

1-Business & Management
2-IT & communication
5-Health & Education
6 Softwares & AI
7-Languages & Fitnesses
8-Arts & Designing, etc.

7- Udasity

Udacity is also a huge online academy where you can get free courses in any field. Here you will find financial support for many online courses.
This academy and website are also considered one of the largest online educational academies in the world.

8- Khan Academy

Khan Academy is a non-profit free online academy, which is also counted among the largest online academies in the world. The academy offers a variety of courses for three types of people, including learners, students and teachers.


iTunesU is an open university and Apple application and is a big website where you can do every field course and earn money by learning any skill. Here you also find many courses free and many courses are paid who have to pay.

10- Open culture
Open culture is also a very popular & Open University website where you meet more than fifteen hundred top-ranked university courses free. Each type of education is used online at the same courses on this website. Every day, thousands of people visit this website and take online classes and courses.

Bonus point,


The edx academy is also a very famous and old academy where free online courses are offered from the world's major universities and colleges.
Here too you have to pay a small fee first after which you can do as many courses of top-ranked universities and companies for free as you want.

In addition to these 10 online academies and websites, there are many other academies if you have to take any course or learn a skill. The biggest teachers who are currently online all over the world are Youtube and Google from which you can learn whatever you want for free.


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