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TOP 10 best selling Gigs on Fiverr to make money in 2020

What is Fiverr?

Fiverr is the largest freelancing website where people make gigs and take orders, and many people do their work by placing orders at home. Each freelancer can make 7 gigs on it. There are many freelancing websites besides Fiverr,

How to create an account or sign up on Fiverr?

It's not too difficult to sign up on Fiverr as we sign up in other accounts as well as the Fiverr. You must first sign in with your Google Account. Then you have to publish your Gig.

How to publish Gig without giving the test?

First of all, fill out your seller profile on it and then processed further. In the title field, you have to write a short and clear title for your gig. In the dropdown, menu first, choose a category and then subcategory for your gig. also you can understand bigger after seeing this video that how Gig is published without a test.

Top 10 best selling gigs;

1-Logo designing

This is a graphic designing category or you can also say branch. In this, you have to design the logo of big brand and companies. This is a very famous and money-making gig on which you get a lot of order, and you can earn more money.

2-Copy/Content writing

On the internet world, nothing is possible and readable without copy or content writing. This is the most demanding and high paying work not just in the past and present but also in future. If we talk about freelancing then, this is the most demanding and best selling gig on all freelancing websites including Fiverr.

3- Web development

These days because all businesses are online and people are doing most of their work online, so they need websites for this purpose. That's why there are a lot of orders on web developers gig.

4- Digital Marketing

Marketing of any products and services through digital devices such as mobile phones, computers and laptops is called digital marketing. Because today's and future era is all about digital technologies and it's a very wide field with all the sub-categories ahead of it so, there's a lot of work going on in this field these days. This is a gig who is bestselling on all freelancing websites including Fiverr.

5- Voiceover

Voice over is a production technique used in television production, drama, radio or filmmaking. Anyone who works on voice over is given a script that reads and records the voice. This gig is also the best selling gig on Fiverr. 

6- Videos Marketing

In these days people like to watch anything in the form of video more than reading because the video contains graphics and colour that does not give any viewer tick while people don't want to read because they get bored. Looking at the trend, people today market and promote their business in the form of videos. That's why this gig is most selling gig on Fiverr.

7-App development

Each software and business also require an app as well as websites. And anyway, many apps are being made today, and millions of rupees are also being earned from them. This gig is also selling well on all freelancing websites, including Fiverr.

8-Ads campaign

The role of social media without adds for business promotion has become very limited. Big brands and companies run their ads campaigns on Facebook, Google, YouTube, Instagram to promote their products and services. Gigs running ad campaigns on Fiverr are selling very well these days.

9-Social media Marketing

Social media marketing is one of the most popular forms of marketing today in which people and companies market their products and services through various social media channels. The gig of social media marketing is the best selling gig on Fiverr these days. The role of social media has grown significantly as businesses have gone online, and conditions have deteriorated.

10- Business Card & Stationary

This is also the best selling gig on Fiverr. Most orders are also available in this gig. In it, you have to make different designs of business cards and stationery related to people's business.

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