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Psychology of digital marketing | How big brands and Internet guru's applied Digital psychology

 What is Digital Psychology?

Digital psychology is a new term in psychology in which the combination of behavioural economics, psychology and digital marketing applied to people's unconscious minds to create a digital sale, communication and also to promotes companies products and services.

Digital psychology revolves around how to increase businesses revenue and sales through different social media channels by attracting people Psychologically to brands or companies products and services.

Why Digital Psychology is important in the online world?

The use of digital Psychology is important to find out how people behave online when they buy products and services and how what and when they buy things. Digital Psychology is very important in the online world without which no human being or company and brand can succeed. Unless any person, brand or company uses digital psychology to attract more and more customer to their products and services, they never ever are succeeded. Mosty well-known companies and brands use artificial intelligence and digital psychology on their target customers, such as the prosperity and losses of their and their competitor's products, that people believe that if we do not take their products or services, we will have too much harm.

How brand and companies applied Digital Psychology?

The brand that makes the most use of digital psychology is very fast and very successful in today's world. Brands attract and motivate people to buy their products through a variety of offers and discounts. Whenever someone visits the website of a big brand on the internet so, the timetable starts running, and different types of notifications start coming in which you are offered a lot of discounts and a lot of deals for a certain period which makes you want to buy something. The big brands run emotional ads on social media channel to promote and sell their products through digital psychology that make people want to buy them very quickly.

Amazon is one of the biggest and most popular E-commerce websites in the world. By using digital psychology and tactics, amazon achieved much more success in the digital world by increasing their day to day sales and customer.


It is one of the biggest food delivery mobile apps and website in the world. Foodpanda very much dependent on digital psychology to attract their customer with the help of digital marketing on all social media channels. is one of the most popular free online courses provider educational website and academy on the internet. When someone visited, thy show many notifications and offers on their website to attract students for selling their online courses.

Mobile companies

All famous and popular mobile phone companies always applied digital psychology on social media to attract maximum customers in a particular country. The most popular and famous mobile companies that applied digital psychology on target customer are Samsung, Apple, Vivo, Hawaii, Oppo and many others.

Also, many brands and companies use digital psychology every day and in every way to improve their online business.

How internet Guru's applied Digital Psychology?

Just as big brands and companies use digital psychology in the world of the Internet, so too do many people use digital psychology to promote their products and services on the Internet. Mostly, the internet guru's use of digital Psychology to sell products and services of popular companies and brands through affiliate marketing. They also work as a social media influencer for many brands and big companies to increase awareness of their products and promote their products and services digitally. For this purpose, they charged a heavy amount for influencing targeted customers with the help of digital marketing and psychology. Because they are well known on social media and the internet around the world, so many people follow them. That's why they succeeded in influencing targeted customers to buy and use a  particular product.

Here is the list of Top 5 Digital marketer on the internet that applied digital psychology and tactics;

1-Gary Vaynerchuk

He is one of the most famous entrepreneurs, Bestselling author, internet influencer and co-founder of Empathy wines. It has made its mark using the most digital psychology in the world of the Internet. 

2-Tai Lopez
Tai Lopez is a famous entrepreneur, financial planner, investors and keynote speaker who has resorted to the most digital psychology and has made a name for himself. Many people on the internet also call it a fake guru. Whenever you search for money, online courses or business on the internet, its Ad comes in front of you and it gives you dreams of getting rich with the help of digital psychology.

2-Neil Patel

Neil Patel is one of the most famous digital marketer, Forbes thirty under thirty entrepreneurs, best selling author, and web influencer in the world. He is the co-founder of Neil Patel Digital, Hello bar, crazy egg, kiss metrics. He is one of the great digital marketers that people love to watch, listen to and read to learn online business or digital marketing.

4-Seth Godin

Seth Godin is the most famous American best selling author, business entrepreneur, blogger and keynote speaker and former business executive. He has written the most books and blogs on digital advertising and marketing.

5-Russel Brunson

Russel Brunson is one of the most popular internet marketers who has made his digital brands very popular in the online world by using digital psychology. He is the founder of click funnels which provides a chance to market, sell and delivery to digital products.


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