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Pakistani Ertugrul ghazi | Drillis Ertugrul in Pakistan


There is a lot of talk on social media these days about a young man who bears a striking resemblance to Engin Altan, the hero of the Turkish drama Ertugrul Ghazi. His real name is Mustafa Hanif, and he is a resident of Karachi. He also has a channel on YouTube and is already very active on social media. He is a philanthropist and has set up his own NGO to help the poor and helpless.  If you watch any of his videos, you will find that he ha his own style which proves that he is a well educated and respected man.

His Popularity on Social Media

This young man has become very popular on social media these days and people are making a lot of videos and writing a lot of content about him. No one knew this young man before, but since people started to know about him and started watching him, the number of followers and likes on his social media has been increasing day by day. The number of subscribers and likes on his YouTube channel was very low but since the people have known that, thousands of subscribers and millions of views are increasing every day.
How he become famous

From the day the Turkish drama Ertughal Ghazi started in Pakistan, he also started uploading videos on YouTube by copying Ertugrul and making a similar outfit on YouTube.And you can't believe by looking at some of his videos and photos that this is an incident or this is Ertugrul or Mustafa Hanif

How he benefited From his Popularity

From the day he started being talked about on social media, many people have contacted her and started making videos and photos with her, and many brands have started contracting with her for their brand advertising. And besides, a lot of people on her YouTube channel and other social media accounts are following her and watching her videos. And taking advantage of its publicity, it has stepped up its work on NGOs, raising more and more funds for the welfare of the poor.

His Contacts and Social media Links;

if you also want to contact him and want to meet him, you can contact him through the number and links given below.

Here is the list of all his Social media links;
Youtube Channel -
Facebook page -
Instagram - 
Whatsapp Number - +923008999982
Email Address - 


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