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How to Make Funny Memes on Mobile in 2020 | Complete step by step Guide

What is Memes?

Memes are all about editing any photo or video and making it into an artistic type so that the viewers can enjoy it. Memes are mostly made on people who are famous for their worlds, character or jokes whether they are actors or politician, or belongs to religion. 

Why funny Memes are so popular on social media?

As you know, people enjoy art the most nowadays and enjoy watching art and fun type videos and photos on social media. And in memes, videos and photos are skillfully turned into art. That's why nowadays, memes are trending on social media and being the most-watched.

The first step before making funny memes

Before learning any skill, it has been seen which people are experts in this field whose art people like to see and enjoy watching. It gives you an idea of ​​what kind of work is done and what kind of work people like to see more and what are the strengths and weaknesses of a meme maker. You also have to look and find people who are working hard on creating memes and whose memes people like to see a lot on social media.

How to Make Funny Memes?

Creating memes like any other task is not a difficult task, but it is very important to learn some applications so that you can easily edit and create various memes. Unless a person tries and makes mistakes after trying, he can't learn anything.

 There are a variety of applications and software on the internet that make it easy for anyone to do something. Similarly, there are certain types of apps on google play store for creating memes. So you can easily make memes by working on them.

 First download the items you want to meme on, whether they are photos or videos. Then combine photos or short videos to create the art memes you want by editing. Afterworld goes to google and download effects, stickers and free sound voice to laugh, cry or be surprised. When you download these short clips and photos, combine them, and edit the text on top of each photo and short videos then you have to apply these stickers, sound voice and stickers that you have downloaded according to the video.

Top 10 Best Apps to make funny memes;


I put Kinemaster first on this number because you can edit and distinguish all videos and photos at once. This is an application through which you can edit in mobile or laptop with great ease, and it also has many features. In this app you can change the background of videos and photos, also, you can add animation effects and text animation.


This is a special funny meme creation and sharing application where you can easily create and share memes. Many people use this app to create funny memes.

3-GATM meme Generator

This application is very simple and nice, where you can easily create and edit memes. This application also has many features that you can apply to make memes creative.


This application is a free application where you can easily edit any artistic memes and upload it to any of your social accounts.


This application is a very popular application on which you can create artistic memes and share it in any way and more people can enjoy your art.

6-Meme Generator by Zombodroid
7-Meme creator
10-Video & gift meme

All of these applications are very similar to each other. So you can easily use the rest of the applications even if you become an expert in one or two. Try to work on all these applications and start using the application you like again.

Other benefits of becoming an expert in memes creation

Anyone who specializes in creating memes can also become an expert in editing any video. And because of that skill, he can work anywhere as a video editor. Anyone who becomes proficient in any of these type of skills does not work again later, he makes money by working on their projects & skills and are becoming self-employed. 



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