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How to buy and add custom domain on blogger from | Through Easypaisa, Jazzcash

How to buy a domain from Hostbreak?

Here are some simple steps to buy a domain from the hostbreak. If you follow them, you can easily buy and customize a domain,

First, go to the Hostbreak website and click on register free domain. 

Then search there to see if the domain you want to buy is available.

If you have a domain, add it to the card then click on keep purchasing.

Now sign up with your Google account, and then you can choose your payment method.

As soon as you choose Easypaisa, JazzCash or any other method, your invoice will be generated automatically. Now, after making payment through JazzCash, Easypaisa or any other method, you will go to the link given in the invoice and inform that you have made the payment. After doing this, your domain will be activated within 12 hours.

Then you have to buy a DNS to customize the domain on blogger. For this first, click on the addons option in the second options click on DNS purchasing.

How to add a custom domain on Blogger?

Now it's time to customize your domain with blogger. First, go to the blogger setting, in the publishing section click on a custom domain. Here add your domain to www that you purchased from Hostbreak.

When you click on the save button, it will not be saved, or it will give you an error message, and at the same time, it will give some detail on which you have to work. Now we have to go to the DNS and add CNAME.

You will have to put data in both CNAME in your domain name server.

Now when you click on setting instruction, you will get an IP addresses page.

Here you choose A name instead of CNAME. 

Your domain will now be fully customized after a few hours on blogger. Just like you can see in the image below,

Visit and Buy domain and web hosting from Hostbreak by clicking on this link;


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