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Hacking | What is Ethical Hacking ? | How to become an Ethical Hacker?


 Hacking is a method of gaining unauthorized access to any computer system or digital devices such as a mobile phone or tablets. This is done to gain access to a computer network security system after breaking the code and password of a website or software for any illegal purpose. 
There are three types of Hackers;

  1. White hate hackers
White hat hackers are also called Ethical hackers, and they work legally and find out the solution of problems within any websites or software.
  1. Black hat hacker
Black hat hackers work illegally and steal data by breaking the security of the Internet, Softwares and computer system. 
  1. Grey hat hackers
 They are mixtures of black hat hackers and white hat hackers.

What is Ethical Hacking?

Ethical Hacking or Ethical Hacker are terms used for people or companies that identify the flaws and vulnerabilities within the system or websites of any major company and then find out the solution. Pen testing and information security are also known as Ethical Hacking. The term 'White hat' is used for Ethical Hackers.

What skills does an Ethical hacker have?

To become an Ethical Hacker, it is very important to get the command on Programming languages and you must have a good deal with multiple Operating systems.

Here we tell you 7 such skills that are very important to know for any Ethical hacker;

  1. Computer system
  2. Programming skills
  3. Database management system
  4. Linux
  5. Cryptography
  6. Web application
  7. Wireless technologies

How to become an Ethical Hacker?

To become an ethical hacker, you need to gain command over computer programming and networking. You have to learn things from the beginning and take them to the end where a lot of people quit their jobs.  If you want to be a hacker, you don't need a degree or certificate, you just need skills that anyone with good sense can acquire.
 Becoming an ethical hacker is not difficult, you need a passion, interest and a creative mind. An Ethical hacker needs to have patience perseverance and keep trying to reach his conclusion. You start running as many computer operating systems as possible and get over them to hack things as small as possible.

How do Hackers hack something?

Today, Businesses and communications are made all over the world through internet. Data and Transactions of large companies have been digitally converted. This has increased to online fraud, hacking and theft.

Hacker sends any code or link that is similar to any of your accounts so that when you log in to your account or do any activity on it, they have your data or account details. So they can change your account by coding and take all data from it. Hacker doesn't do small things, they take data from big agencies websites, governments or celebrities accounts or websites. They also take data from online business companies like digital banking systems and bring so much traffic to their sites that their websites go down and then, they change it to achieve their goal.

Who are the world-famous hackers?

  • Kevin Mitnick(America)   
Kevin Mitnick is the No 1 hacker in the world. He is an  American well-known author, cybersecurity consultant and convicted hacker. He spent five years in prison for computer and communication hacking crime in 1995.
  • Jonathan James(America)
He is the first 16-year-old Juvenile incarcerated for cybercrime in the United States
  • Albert Gonzalez(America)
He led the gang that resold more than 170 million cards and ATM numbers between 2005 and 2007.
  • Wang Fujie(China)
He had Stolen Personal Data of 78 million people from the computer system of 4 major companies together with an unknown individual.
  • Kevin Poulsen(American)
He is well known, an American black hat hacker.
  • Sergey Glazunov (Russian)
According to Forbes, He is a Russian student who hacked a computer running a Chrome browser by using a method that had never been used before.
  • McKinnon(British)
McKinnon is a hacker Who tried to hack the biggest military computer system.
  • Shameer Amir (Pakistan)
Shameer Amir has helped to solve and strengthen the security issues of more than 400 major organization such as Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo and Microsoft. He is ranked in the third most successful big hunter in the world.
  • Ankit Fadia (India)
Ankit Fadia is an Indian Author, hacker, and also a television host, and there is a lot of talk about his skills.
  • Rafey Baloch (Pakistan)
Rafey Baloch is a Pakistani Ethical hacker who is known for discovering vulnerabilities in the Android operating system. He has become famous for appearing in major magazines of the world.

Popular software & tools used by hackers

These Softwares are for different platforms like Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS etc. They are used for specific tasks. Their types and prices are also different.

Some popular courses for learning ethical hacking

If you really want to learn what Ethical hacking is and how hacking is done, then you can learn everything with the help of Youtube and Google even if you don't have money.

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