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Top 15 most demanding jobs in these Days or in The days to Come

We've written this article after visiting a lot of jobs advertising apps and websites and doing a lot of research.
Many businesses have closed since the Coronavirus disease began, causing many to lose their jobs. And with many new businesses, new jobs have opened up because of this disease. Today we will tell you about 15 jobs that are most in-demand these days and in the days to come.
If you don't have a job and you are wondering what job I should do or prepare for, you should prepare yourself for these jobs.

1-E-commerce Manager

As you know, since the outbreak of Coronavirus, all businesses have been online and things are being traded online. People are ordering things from home and the trend of online shopping has increased tremendously. That's why they need an E-commerce manager to run this online business is growing day by day.

2-Healthcare Specialist

Ever since the coronavirus disease started, everyone has been worried that I might get the coronavirus or someone else who got it from me.  Every person seeks a doctor as soon as possible, which is why the demand for health care is increasing.

3-Digital Marketer

Digital marketing is marketing in which products and services are promoted using digital devices such as computers, laptops and iPad. Nowadays, digital promotion of products and services has increased tremendously, which has led to many jobs in this sector.

4-Academic Advisor

Every school, college, academy and university need an academic advisor to solve their students' issues and problems. Since all education has gone online because of COVID-19, the problems of the students have also been increasing. That is why there has been a huge increase in this particular job.

5-Copy/Content Writer

This is a profession that was in demand before but has grown even more since business, education, and many other jobs went online. It is an everlasting profession that will continue to grow in demand in the days to come.


It was and always is an everlasting job that you will find the most when you visit job advertising apps or websites 20 years before today or 50 years from now. Because no one business can function without an accountant.

7-Delivery Boy

When people order anything online, it is the delivery boy's job to deliver it to the home. Because of the COVID-19 pandemic, all businesses have gone online and people order things from, so there has been a huge increase in delivery boys jobs. I the days to come when much international e-commerce businesses start in Pakistan this job will increase day by day.

8-Web/Apps Developers

As the age of technology approaches, new inventions are emerging and much new Software is emerging that making your hardest work easier. That's why every online company or brand needs a website or app for which they have to hire people who are experts in this field. As a result, many jobs are being created and will be created in this sector.

9-Social Media Manager

Any company or organization has to resort to social media to promote their brand, so they look for people who are experts in this field. People who are social media experts are not at all worried about employment these days

10-Video Editor

Nowadays people prefer to watch and enjoy videos about anything than to read it. With this in mind, companies create videos to promote their brand. So, they need people who can edit the videos and make it interesting. If you are an expert in video editing then you will get a job very soon in this era too.

11-Customers Support Specialist

Customers support specialist provides information about your company's product via phone call or message and suggests solutions to customer problems. The demand for experts in this particular field is also increasing day by day.

12-Financial Manager

Financial managers are responsible for the financial problems of a company or organization. They prepare reports on the long-term financial plans of his company or organization. As the business of companies grows nationally and internationally, so does the demand for financial managers also grows.

13-Graphic Designer

Many companies hire graphic designers to impress and captivate consumers through advertising. Therefore, as the competition between companies and brands grows, so does the demand for graphic designers also grows.

14-Online Teacher

These days all universities, colleges and children's schools are closed due to which all education is being given online. In addition, many people who are free at home and who are doing jobs are also doing many online courses and learning new skills. That is why there is a huge increase in the demand for online tutors and educators

15-Virtual Assistant

There are many categories of online jobs and not all of them can be done by one person or a few people, so they need a virtual assistant to perform these tasks in their specific skills. Especially for e-commerce business, people are in dire need of virtual assistants, which has led to a huge increase in the demand for this job.


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