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Top 10 Technology news of the week

As time goes on, new inventions are being made and new technologies are coming. Big companies and brands are introducing new features and new technology every day so that their users can enjoy them to the fullest. Any brand that does not change over time, its market is falling every day.
There are a lot of people in this world who don't change themselves, like these brands, and they don't know every new technology that is coming which they have to suffer later.

Let us inform you today about the changes in the new and existing technologies;

1- Google Reveals about Pakistan

Google has recently released a report on the attitude of the people of Pakistan towards Google Search Engine. Google says that Pakistanis have become a very genius when it comes to shopping. Google says 55% of the people in Pakistan who have to buy anything, first, google it and watch videos about it on YouTube.  After seeing all the pros and cons, they buy anything.  78 million people in Pakistan use Google for reading, writing, jobs and doing a business in which 73 per cent of the people spend more time on YouTube every month.

2-Hawaii Started free certification program -Learn on in Pakistan 

There are four steps of these courses, in the first step you will apply online, in the second you will do online self-study, in the third, you will take a mock exam and apply for a voucher and in the fourth step, you will get a certificate.

Here is the list of these courses;

  1. Security course
  2. Storage Course
  3. AI Course
  4. IEEP Training
  5. Cloud computing system
  6. 5 G technologies
  7. Routing and Switching
  8. DCF course
apply here

3-Hackers Attack

Recently, hacker attacks have been on the rise around the world. This is largely due to the Fifth Generation War and the increase in online business and transactions around the world. Recently, Hackers hacked Samsung and Oxford University server to defeat Microsoft 365 securities.

4- Google Ban 600 Apps

Google has removed 600 malicious apps from the Play Store, mostly related to camera, beauty, screen recording, social media services and entertainment. Most of these apps belonged to China, India, and Singapore.

5- Amazon Updates

Amazon ranks first in the world of e-commerce, with millions of people around the world doing business on it and many people making thousands of dollars without doing business on it. If we talk about Pakistan, it does not work in Pakistan but still, millions of Pakistanis are sitting at home and doing business on it and more than that there are people who are making money on it without doing business.

The news about this is that it is coming to Pakistan very soon and because of this million people will start working on it in the future. 38 major exporters from Pakistan have applied to booty above it.

6-PayPal Updates

PayPal is a Digital Banking Company of America who started working with eBay and seeing that this company became the largest company in the world. PayPal does not work in Pakistan but still millions of Pakistanis have opened their accounts in this digital bank, and they also do business transactions through them. And the good news is that PayPal is coming to Pakistan very soon and let me tell you that Pakistan has been trying to bring her in for a long time.

7-WhatsApp Started Digital Payment service

WhatsApp has recently launched the digital currency in Brazil۔Now you will also be able to transfer the money transactions through the digital currency service and it will be launched very soon in the whole world.

8-WhatsApp monetization

Facebook has delayed the Montetiptom of the WhatsApp earlier this year and has suspended the plan to put adds on WhatsApp.

9-World Bank report

Recently the World Bank has issued a report in which he has said Pakistan's Information Technology Policy has given a lot of advantages to the export۔ That's why Pakistan has become the second-largest exporter of information communication technology in  South Asia.

10- Microsoft closed permanently All of its retail stores

Microsoft has closed permanently all of its retail stores while looking at the current situation of Covid-19 pandemic.


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