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TOP 11 Best Methods to make money online while playing games like PUBG

The number of gamer around the world is increasing day by day. People are going to be very much in this hobby to spend their free time. Today, because of Coronavirus, many people are confined to their homes. So, this is the only game that keeps them busy.

 Many people love to play this game, and they have no interest in money, or maybe they do not know that it can make a lot of money. Many people are also earning millions of rupees by playing this game.
So, today we are going to tell you some of the methods that you can use to earn millions of rupees while playing games.

1- YouTube channel (live streaming)

Do you know who was the richest YouTuber in the world by the beginning of 2020? If you don't know, let me tell you. Her name is Felix Arvid, a Swedish citizen. He used to stream games live on YouTube.
Below I have also given a screenshot of his channel;

 Nowadays most people are making money by streaming games on YouTube. On YouTube, you get separate payments for ads, coupons and live chats. When a lot of people start watching your videos or your live streaming, big brands and companies advertise their products on your channel, and you get good money for it. If you are a very good player of any game and you have a lot of experience in this game, you will benefit a lot if you start live streaming on YouTube.Let me tell you another thing, the big game streamer on YouTube earns around 1.52 million by spending two hours every day.

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You don't just do live streaming on YouTube, you can record a video of any game you play and upload it to your channel later, and that's what it's all about.

2- Facebook live Streaming(Level-Up program)

If you are a good gamer, you can make more money on Facebook than YouTube by streaming. Facebook has launched a program called LevelUp program through which you can earn as much money as you want by live streaming.
You can also make money on Facebook by recording any games and then uploading them to your page.

3- Become a Developer

Did you know that the guy who develops PUBG Game made more than 700 crores in 2019?
All you have to do is create a game application once and upload it to Google Play Store or Apple Store and then make money for the rest of your life. This method is more beneficial than all other methods in terms of making money.

4- Selling Royale Pass (RP)

As soon as a new season of any game comes, like the 13th season of PUBG game, many people need a royal pass for it. This is because many people do not have an account for international transactions through which they can purchase, or they are not yet over 18 years old, and maybe they are still children.
You buy royal passes for such people and earn commissions.

5- Twitch live streaming

Twitch Streaming is a platform that is for specific to those who do live streaming and play games. 
When you start earning money from playing on this particular platform, it only comes to a PayPal account which has not started yet in Pakistan. But is very soon this company will start working in Pakistan.


6- Coaching on freelancing websites

You can go to as many freelancing websites as you want and start coaching by creating your own account and telling people what these games are like and how they are made.
Below I have given a picture in which you can see how people are coaching, how much money they are earning and how much money they take for an order.
This way you can earn money and guide people by working minutes and hours.

7- Giving Tips and Tricks

You can also make money by giving tips and tricks to people on social media like Facebook and YouTube and other platforms.
This means you can upload videos by creating a channel on YouTube and a page on Facebook and give people tip and tricks on how to play games and how to win with the best players.

8- Become  Games Tester

Many companies and people, whenever they develop a game, get tested by people who are good at playing games. And if you are also good at playing games, you can also become a game tester.

9- By Participating in Tournaments

Many tournaments are running on PUBG game and you can start a tournament yourself. You can make a lot of money by participating in these tournaments if you win. There are many mobile applications on which you can play tournaments directly, but you have to invest in some tournaments, and then you can participate. In tournaments, you get paid per kill.

Here are some mobile application links that you can use to earn money by playing tournaments;

10- Selling Account

If you are an expert in any game and have reached a very high level then, you can earn thousands of rupees by selling this account.

There are many websites on the internet and many groups on Facebook where you can sell your account to people.

11- Participating in E-Sports competition

Every year there are big games competitions all over the world, and the prize is in millions.

If you consider yourself a good player of any game, you too can win thousands of dollars by participating in the big tournaments of these games.

You may have heard that at the end of 2019, a Pakistani gamer named Arsalan Siddiqui set a record by winning the Tekken7 Championship at the Evolution Championship Tournament in Las Vegas, USA.

Top 5 world games Championships;

l- League of Legends
2-The International 10
3- Fortnite World Cup
4- Flashpoint Season 1 Championship
5-League of Legends Mid-Season Invitational


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