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Two Skills that Help you to earn money online and get a job soon.

"Build your skills, not your resume."
                                                                   Sheryl Sandberg.  

Who doesn't want to be successful and make as much money as possible? Everyone wants to be successful and get a good job. But nowadays, if one doesn't have skills, it is difficult to fulfill one's dream of earning more money and getting a good job.

Skill is something that never makes a person starve. In this age, any human being is successful only if he has mastered in any skill.

 Let's talk about two skills that are very common in listening but very special and important in learning and reading. A person who is well-acquainted with these two skills is not only considered an important candidate for any job, but he can also earn millions of dollars from home through the internet. And if we don't have these two basic skills, we are far behind in today's age of technology. 

Here are two basic and most important skills we're going to talk about...

1-English Language
"With hard work, learning English, and getting involved, there is no limit on what you can achieve."
                                          Arnold Schwarzenegger.

The English language is a skill that works for you everywhere and introduces you to the outside world. It is the only language that is globally accepted. It gives rise to many opportunities and through it, you can connect with different people in the world. 

English is a language that dominates the internet, international media, word communication, and everywhere. Nowadays, a person who knows English well is considered as the most important candidates for any job.

 In case you are aware of the English language, you can travel to any country and can also do any job in any country. That way you will not have any problems. It is the official language of 53 countries and more than 400 million people speak this language.

 This is the language through which you can work very well on the internet and earn thousands of dollars through freelancing. You can also do all your work on the internet in your own language, but you will have to face many difficulties.

 And if you haven't learned English yet, start learning now so, you can learn the rest of the skills quickly through this language. If you have a command of this skill, you can learn a lot from online courses through Google and YouTube.

You can post any video, any article, any course, or any data on the internet in your own language but if you use the English language you are capturing the international market.

Also, if you are fluent in English, you should visit the freelancing websites and see how people are making money from it. You can do bookkeeping, writing, or translation on freelancing websites through the English Language.

2-IT / CS  

"It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity."
                                               Albert Einstein. 

Today, every company is doing most of its work on the internet through computers and they want their employees to be computer literate. You need to be computer literate to read online, do any work, or do any business.

There are many advanced categories of this skill. If you specialize In one of its categories, then you don't have to do any job. People who specialize in different categories of this skill are making a lot of money through freelancing.

 You can go to Google and see on all freelancing websites, how people are working online and earning money through this skill.

 All the experiments that are taking place today, all the discoveries that are being made are happening through this skill. If you have this skill, you can get a job very quickly and you can start many online projects from home through freelancing websites.

 With this skill, you can create websites, you can design them, you can create software, you can become a cybersecurity analyst, you can start blogging, you can open your digital marketing agency, you can do whatever you want to related to this skill.

Let's talk about the 10 most demanding fields of this skill.
  1. Programming & Tech
  2. Software Engineering
  3. Artificial Intelligence
  4. Data Science
  5. Graphics & Design
  6. Digital Marketing
  7. Business intelligence
  8. Music & audio
  9. Video & Animation
  10. Animation & Cartoon
5 most famous websites for the Beginner to work online and generate income while sitting at home.

You will know how people are working online and making money through information technology just by visiting these websites.


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