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Two Skills that Help you to earn money online and get a job soon.

"Build your skills, not your resume."                                                                    Sheryl Sandberg.   Who doesn't want to be successful and make as much money as possible? Everyone wants to be successful and get a good job. But nowadays, if one doesn't have skills, it is difficult to fulfill one's dream of earning more money and getting a good job. Skill is something that never makes a person starve. In this age, any human being is successful only if he has mastered in any skill.  Let's talk about two skills that are very common in listening but very special and important in learning and reading. A person who is well-acquainted with these two skills is not only considered an important candidate for any job, but he can also earn millions of dollars from home through the internet. And if we don't have these two basic skills, we are far behind in today's age of technology.  Here are two basic and most importan

National cyber training program(NCTP) | Admission 2020

"Cyber security is much more than a matter of IT" -Stephane Nappo. Recently a Software & Online educational training company launched a  training program called 'National Cyber Training Program'(NCTP). This is the first cyber training program in Pakistan. These programs have been allocated 25000 seats for the first batch. The purpose of this program is to eliminate unemployment, providing awareness of cybersecurity, and increase the speed of economic growth in Pakistan. This training includes five programs. And these are the five programs. 1-Pen test cyber program 2-Digital forensic program 3-Security coding cyber program 4-Network defence and cyber operation 5-Software engineering in 1 year All these programs are of one-year duration and the special feature of these programs is that the education for admission in them is at least matriculated. after completing this course, if someone makes a good skill, he can earn $5000 to $20,000 in a mon